What is the goal of this project?

We at superwatchman have always wanted to find a way to help the people in our audience connect with each other. That’s when we came up with an idea to create this forum. Our goal is to create a platform where the main focus is to talk mainly about watches for anyone and everyone – no matter how much you know about watches. We want you to feel welcome into this all-inclusive community.

How will this project develop?

The site that you currently see as Superwatchman’s Forum is merely a prototype for what’s to come in the future. As you read this we are in development for our full Superwatchman 1.0 Release. More importantly, we created this post to have you – the audience – let us know what features and ideas you want to see in this project.

Yes! We want your feedback and suggestions, all ideas are welcome.

What’s currently being planned for release?

Among other things, we’re planning for:

  • A fully fledged custom made UI, taking the best aspects of all the forums we’ve researched into.
  • An improved structure to posts.
  • More customizability with settings.

Let us know what you think!