Hello superwatchmen! We’ve taken your feedback into consideration and implemented your suggested improvements. Here’s a list of them:

  1. We’ve added back-arrows to both the registration page and the login page.
  2. We have made it possible for users to upload images and we’re currently working on refining this feature further.
  3. We’ve added a search engine functionality to the site.
  4. Users are now able to delete their own comments but the nested sub-comments remain intact.
  5. Added more visual clarity to certain UI (one example being the call-to-action in the comments section when you’re not logged in)
  6. Fixed an issue with online members not displaying correctly.

We’re currently working on new features or improving existing ones. As a result we’re also looking for an active group of people that can take the next step to integrate with us even further, and become candidates for exclusive membership in our community. Join this link if you are interested.